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“Support your customers to achieve personal and professional success”


Life Coach is a specialty based on methodology and conversational techniques that help people to achieve their goals, asking questions to allow them to explore and find the answers, it also facilitates a person to identify their current obstacles and what he wants in the Future, to develop its potential, to increase its level of result and well-being. Our Coaching certification is a complete program that prepares you through a series of techniques and hands-on practical exercises so that you, together with the knowledge of your existing profession and the other change tools that you have, can support your clients in their Development and personal success. This course also provides a foundation for those pursuing a career in professional coaching.


Apart from that the coach’s tool is multifaceted and versatile, this certification is prepared for all those who want in a dramatic way to improvise their ability to communicate and therefore be able to motivate, inspire and empower others. Master managers, doctors, lawyers, human resources consultants, business owners and all those whose profession or trade can benefit others with the skills learned in this training.

People who believe that it is time to make an improvement in their professional life and come up with a change of job, reinvention or career promotion. Professionals of psychology, pedagogy, counselors, experts in areas of assistance to people and anyone who wishes to improve their skills to help others achieve their goals.


  • Make your vocation a profession
  • Acquire specific methodology to carry out the work of Coach professionally
  • To obtain professional solvency in the sessions of coaching when working with
  • Learn Marketing Strategies for Your Coaching Business
  • Take advantage of your experience
  • Leverage your credibility
  • Capture your first customers
  • Set your professional costs
  • Identify opportunities in your community
  • Acquire advanced communication techniques
  • Setting goals for personal success


Filiberto Medina
Filiberto Medina
I am a person on the way to guide and lead others to meet his real image and joy of life. I have merge knowledge finance, psychology, strategies and training tools to help people or group (family, work, family). I hope to you reach peace and joy of life taking the balance of its results in his/her life. I got a degree in Psychology at Catholic University Andres Bello, Venezuela. Also, I reached a Master Clinical Hypnotherapist at FLICAH-Doral, USA; M.B.A at Jose Maria Vargas University- Venezuela; and Specialist in Geriatric Psycho-social at Las Palmas University, Spain. Also, I am several certifications in Transactional Analysis Practitioner, communication, gestalt therapy, NLP and Other certificates relating to personal development. Finally, I wrote the book “Impulsa El Exito, Salta los Obstáculos.”


Complete manual with the following information:

  • Admission and follow-up procedures
  • Wide selection of customer forms and sample questions


Weekly: Monday, Wednesday and Thursday – Schedule from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm

Weekend: Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

This is 15 hours program

After the class we have a small graduation ceremony