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Are you eager to excel at fulfilling your potential in life? Are you ready for an enjoyable and fun hands-on learning experience? Would you like to help others become their best and make a real difference in the world?

Irwin Cadenas
Irwin CadenasNLP Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner, Neurolinguistic Life Coach
Armando Matiz
Armando MatizNLP Practitioner, Clinical Hypnosis, Neurolinguistic Life Coach, Neuroscience - Neuroplasticity


Imagine yourself in a thriving and satisfying career, doing what you love and helping others to advance personally and professionally. Whether you’re a manager, close to retirement, or a busy parent, by becoming a Certified Professional Coach, you can help the people and organizations you’re most passionate about to overcome challenges and achieve lasting results.

Neurolinguistics is an interdiscipline that analyzes language in its relations with the human brain, establishing functional neurobiological processes and linguistics with the objective of discovering how the language was constructed, also based on neurological, neuropsychological and linguistic scientific methods. The purpose of neurolinguistics is to develop therapeutic and learning methods that allow re-education, rehabilitation and reestablishment of the linguistic mental function.

  • NLP and the practice of coaching are methodologies that merge them to enrich the skills and objectives of both sciences. FLICAH as an institute specialized in NLP has designed the course”Neurolinguistic Life Coach” to achieve the maximum professional and personal development of its participants Our successful Neurolinguistic Life Coach program has a distinct advantage as we offer three certifications; the certification in Coaching as well as the highest quality, internationally recognized professional certifications NLP Practitioner


Professionals whose effectiveness depends to a great extent on their success in human contact and communication:

  • Counselors, Psychologists, Human Resources, Consultants, Sellers, Trainers, Hypnotherapists, Addiction Counselors, Mediators, Holistic Professionals and more…

All of them need useful techniques to establish communication with others; As well as to develop to the maximum their personal abilities and therefore their effectiveness


  • Train to help your clients to identify opportunities than perceive problems
  • Prepare you to establish yourself as a Professional Life Coach
  • Understand that all behavior and communication has a structure, these are determined by how the brain codes learning experience
  • Learn the tools for achieving specific desired outcomes, effectiveness and better choices in life
  • Learn the very fabric of thought and action
  • And you will learn a set of skills that can be the foundation for all the goals in your life
  • State what you want, set goals to achieve it in your practice and life
  • Replace negative emotions, limiting beliefs and limiting decisions
  • Use language patterns that influence, intrigue and move others
  • Negotiate and mediate conflict using win-win methods. Add resources – Extend knowledge to new ideas
  • Identify and take control of the intricate connections between the mind, emotions and behaviors
  • Acquire coaching and NLP techniques to make the changes in your client fast and easy
  • Learn techniques and interventions that you use in your practice
  • Maximize your success in working with your clients
  • Generate transformational patterns of communication
  • Really understand the nature of your clients’ cognitive and behavioral processes
  • Increase your command of hypnotic language patterns
  • Use the power of working with a person’s storage of memories along a time line to change personal history

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