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How to discover and use excellence for optimal personal and professional results

Irwin Cadenas
Irwin CadenasNLP Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner, Neurolinguistic Life Coach
Armando Matiz
Armando MatizNLP Practitioner, Clinical Hypnosis, Neurolinguistic Life Coach, Neuroscience - Neuroplasticity


Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the most practical technology to detect, understand and take control of our conscious and unconscious thoughts. We will teach you how to apply it to yourself and to others, individually and as a Coach.

During this intensive training you will learn NLP Coach Practitioner NLP bases such as:

  • Fundamental Beliefs allow you to start picking up a powerful model of Mental Mastery past the Mental Servitude model
  • Identify and take control of the intricate connections between the mind, emotions and behaviors
  • An easy and clear model of how people learn to communicate, change and evolve

This course is designed to become a permanent tool for the rest of your life, giving you the basic teachings and how to apply them. We use NLP to teach NLP. So have fun, open your consciousness and experience an easy, fast and deep change, NOW!


Professionals whose effectiveness depends largely on their success in human contact and communication:

Counselors, Psychologists, Human Resource Consultants, Vendors, Trainers, Hypnotherapists, Addiction Counselors, mediators, among others. All of these techniques require tools to communicate with others and to maximize their personal skills and therefore their effectiveness


NLP is considered the number one tool for business leaders and Life Coaches around the world. NLP is the psychology of excellence, which creates major changes and advances in the development of communication skills.

We believe that there is a unique pattern that defines that happiness and success can be learned.

We will teach you the tools that allow you to guide yourself and others to achieve the full potential of the mind and think in terms of possibilities rather than problems. You can create and maintain a relationship, how to negotiate effectively, how to help others and change behaviors in yourself and in others.


  • Circle of excellence – To have access to all the resources available to you
  • Learn to listen and watch expertly a while asking the appropriate questions
  • Representative Systems – Learn to recognize when a person uses a system of data collection; visual, auditory and kinesthetic (sensory)
  • Establish subconscious empathy skills-Rapport
  • Add resources – Extend the knowledge to new ideas
  • Submodalities
  • Assumptions
  • Anchors – Learn secrets of the masters in communication using anchors
  • Move into the Future (Swish Patterns) – Taking past limitations and become a new person
  • New behavior generator – Acquire new skills to work on new knowledge and skills, making learning easier
  • 6-step reframing – Learning to use the subconscious mind in a new way
  • Coach Certification as an NLP Practitioner
  • Methods and techniques with supervised practice
  • It is divided into six modules one module per month