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To all those professionals who want to incorporate this technique in their profession. Also for those who want to learn this wonderful tool to use for professional growth

Irwin Cadenas
Irwin CadenasNLP Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner, Neurolinguistic Life Coach


In this NLP Master Practitioner course, the student will achieve the skills necessary to obtain the Masters in the application of the techniques and models of NLP, develop the skills to gain competence in both conscious and unconscious levels and employ the latest developments in systemic and transpersonal Neuro-linguistic Programming. This will brings the NLP practitioner to optimize the resources available, learn to change behaviors and generate new capabilities from the transformation of beliefs, values and the concept of self.

This course has a deep understanding of the distinctions of the models and change of NLP and it is designed to handle the structures and understandings that underlie the processes of change. With this background each attendee becomes the master and creator of their own tools to apply them flexibly in the context and the goals they want to achieve.

The Master Practitioner in NLP is the criteria and Systemic Evolutionary Model developed by Robert Dilts which gives you a new perspective on your own abilities, important changes will give you a different view of yourself and of others.


Health Professionals, Doctors, Nurses, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Addiction Therapists, Acupuncturists, Massage, Pain Therapy Specialists, Life Coach, Neurofeedback Specialists, Reiki, Alternative Therapies Specialists, and anything you want for self improvement.

This Master Practitioner in NLP is recommended for anyone who has opted for the Practitioner, want to continue deepening and strengthening their knowledge of NLP to apply both in their personal and professional.

The Master is eminently practical with theoretical discussion and demonstrations by the teacher and individual and group practices by students.

This experiential approach allows you to develop new skills to safely and effectively use the tools of emotional self-control, interpersonal communication and change management developed by the NLP.


  • Learn to use and show a sufficient degree of assimilation of content, skills, models and distinctions that make up the Master Program
  • Further understanding of the structure of life experiences and those of others, developing a high degree of flexibility in the use of their own representational systems and perceptual filters
  • Learn to explore the logic levels to define the state problem and the resources needed to achieve the desired state
  • Being able to help the process of learning and change in yourself and others, using the resources in the appropriate logic level
  • Develop the ability to create a powerful and determining future for oneself and for others
  • Achieve the ability to operate from a philosophy and ecological perspective in making changes in oneself and in others
  • Learn how to maintain full resource states by using their own cognitive, emotional and physical
  • Knowing how best to use himself as a model of the world and reorganize it according to their suitability to the context and desired outcome.