Are you working as a Behavioral Health Technician and want to move into a clinical counseling position but lack the credentials? Or Are you an unlicensed professional that wants to work in the Mental Health field? Or Do you pose a credentials in the Mental Health Field in another country and want to work as a credential professional in USA?


The CAP designation is a professional substance abuse credential for those persons who are assessing, developing, and providing substance abuse treatment services and plans. The CAP requires a minimum of a bachelor’s degree. Individual’s holding the CAP are recognized/hold the practice rights of “qualified professionals” per Chapter 397, F.S.

  • Drug Abuse Counselors are in demand, paid well and make a living doing good in the world.
  • Learn how to save lives from Substance and Drug Abuse.
  • Start the training to do something in your life to help other people for a living.
  • Become someone who is ” In Demand ” in today’s economy … Drug Counselors are Needed.
  • Many Substance Abuse graduates go on to work at treatment centers, social workers, schools, and hospitals

The degrees from our training program are highly appreciated by treatment centers.


Behavioral Health Professionals, social workers, psychologist, or those who want to become a substance abuse counselor. Also, people working in the addiction field that has not credentials, professionals in the mental health field from other countries that wants to work in USA, alternative medicine practitioners and others who wants to explore the addiction and mental health field.

*Degree Eligibility Policy CAP applicants must hold a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in a related field. Related fields are: Addiction Studies/Counseling; Art/Dance Therapy; Behavioral Healthcare; Child Development/Family Relations; Criminal Justice; Counseling/Guidance; Divinity/Religion/Theology (only with a concentration in counseling); Drama/Expressive Arts Therapy; Gerontology; Health Education; Health Sciences; Human Services; Marriage and Family Counseling; Medicine; Mental Health Counseling; Music Therapy; Nursing; Occupational Therapy; Pastoral Counseling; Pharmacy/Pharmaceutical Sciences; Psychology; Public Health; Recreational Therapy/Counseling; Social Work; Sociology; Vocational Counseling

Minimum Requirements:

Content-Specific Training

Clinical Evaluation, Treatment Planning, 3. Counseling, 4. Case Management and Referral, 5. Client, Family and Community Education, 6. Documentation, 7. Ethical and Professional Responsibilities, 8. Understanding Addiction/Treatment Knowledge, 9. Application to Practice/Professional Readiness, * *Must include at least 4 hours of HIV-AIDS and 2 hours of Domestic Violence.

Related Work Experience

6,000 hours (approximately 3 years of full-time work) of addiction-specific, professional-level work experience. Eligible experience occurred within the last 10-years. Documentation must be submitted to the FCB by the applicant’s employer(s).
For those professionals, not yet licensed but are in a graduate program, there is the option to take the program and take the CAP exam with 4,000 hours of supervised work experience.

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When you graduate the Substance Abuse Counselor program, you gain the skills that drug treatment centers are looking for:


  • Possess minimum work and supervision experience requirements;
  • Possess minimum education and training requirements;
  • Pass the written exam; and
  • Complete minimum continuing education credits annually to maintain a current knowledge base.

Our training program offers the full complement of education hours and content areas that you need to fulfill the training requirements for your certification with the Florida Certification Board