Since 2001, the Florida Institute of Complementary and Alternative Health (FLICAH) has had a proud history of educational contributions to students, professionals and our community. Dorys Paredes was the founder of this institute, beginning with hypnosis in 2001 in the city of Doral in Miami, Florida, with only this Clinical Hypnosis program. In 2013, Adriana (Sarah) Zambrano came in to give more support and expansion to this Institute.

From having 5 students to six programs with more than 300 students, plus several alumni practicing all over United States, South America and the Caribbean, we can say that FLICAH has evolved in time. Currently Adriana (Sarah) Zambrano continues managing this institute as the Director and Owner of FLICAH.

The goal of the Institute is still to be continuously expanding the understanding and use of our educational programs in our community.

Since its foundation, FLICAH has conserved and updated the modalities of:

• Basic, Advanced and Master Clinic Hypnosis
• PNL Practitioner
• PNL Master Practitioner

FLICAH has also incorporated new courses:

• Integral Systemic Coach

• Intuitive Energetic Medicine

• Life Coach

• Virtual Bariatric Laparoscopy

• Neuroplasticity

• Sacred Geometry

• Neuroscience

• Ethics and Laws for Complementary and Alternative Medicine

• Among other complementary and updated courses,

Every year in the United States and around the world, millions of people find relief and wellness through the methods of natural practice in Alternative and Complementary medicine.

FLICAH was created in response to the need of professional training for sensitive practitioners.