Would you like to teach others to enjoy life in the here and now with a happy future projection?


In simpler terms, it is the branch of psychology that helps us to teach others to enjoy life in the here and now and with a future full of opportunities. Applied Positive Psychology also pays close attention to Psychology of Consciousness and Spiritual Psychology.

Positive Psychology is one of the fastest growing fields of psychology in the world. There is a scientific field of study that focuses on optimizing human functioning, providing skills that cultivate happiness and a better life is called Positive Psychology.

In contrast to traditional psychology that focuses on the pathology of relieving neurosis, anxiety and depression Positive Psychology focuses on:

  • Strengthen individual and social capacity
  • Nurturing happiness
  • Work for strengths
  • Promote self-esteem and optimism

The Certificate of Positive Psychology provides an introduction to the core concepts and principles of Positive Psychology, including its approach and practical applications. Through interactive group modules, the certification program contributes to the well-being and success of the participants, and provides the tools to help others expand their skills and possibilities.


This program is ideal for those who seek self-enrichment, professionals in the life coaching field, teachers, pastors, counselors, therapists, Human Resource professionals, psychologists-anyone who seeks to help others lead happier and more meaningful lives, develop better relationships, and create success in life, Integral and Holistic medicine professionals.

This is an special program to:

  • Introduce Positive Psychology in organizations, from schools to companies
  • Improve your leadership and parental skills
  • Accelerate your own and others’ potential for well-being and success
  • Facilitate workshops and conferences in the field of Positive Psychology
  • Become a better life coach and learn about life coaching (note: this program does not offer life coach certification)


  • Understand the fundamental ideas of Positive Psychology and how these ideas can radically change the way we relate to ourselves and others
  • Increase the “positivity ratio” as a means to higher levels of creativity, motivation, health and overall success in individuals, groups and organizations
  • Use a variety of scientifically proven techniques within Positive Psychology tools that can lead to lasting change rather than a temporary desire
  • Practice the art and science of effective communication: how to present ideas with authenticity to individuals and groups
  • Make the most of yourself and others using a leadership-based approach
  • Train individuals and groups in the art and science to optimize human functioning, leading to a healthier and happier working and home environment
  • Understand the key drivers of healthy and happy interpersonal relationships, and learn how to apply this understanding to yourself and the relationships of others
  • Practice and teach a variety of mind-body techniques that help improve the mental health
  • Learn to progress systematically through the coaching process based on the achievement of one’s own and others’ life goals